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Some people have great ideas. Some people create those ideas. If you are talking fabrics, we speak the same language. Come and see us, we may just be able to help – there is no harm in asking. You never know where it may take you! 

At Autumn Down we like to feel that (if you need it,) we provide an end-to-end service when we take on creating your product. We try to help our customers as much as possible.

Some come to us at design stage and some at development. Wherever you are there’s a chance we can help. If in doubt – ask. What do you have to lose?

We can give advise on fabrics, printing, label contacts, from manufacturing expertise to the best fillings to achieve the best outcome from each customer’s products. Our aim is always to make your products the best on the market.

Each customer is different too. Would you like to be in control of your fabrics and printing or would you like to outsource everything to us? You decide and we will work with you. We can provide a service that is more than just production of the product.

Autumn Down

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